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It is a service that uses wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis technology.

From selection of target protein to mass preparation and various assays!
Protein research “leave it to us” service starting from wheat cell-free synthesis system

 <Recommended for such customers>
・ I want to get the target protein quickly and efficiently
・ The target protein is not commercially available. ・ There is no literature on expression purification.
・ I want to select the one that suits my purpose from a large number of homologs and mutants.
・ Insufficient know-how for protein preparation and research using proteins
・ I want to obtain various types of proteins required for screening and antigens.

 <Benefits of wheat cell-free synthesis system>
□ Achievements in the synthesis of various proteins derived from various species
□ Very high probability of expressing human protein (92% or more)
□ Protease free
□ Can be synthesized in the presence of various reagents (liposomes, compounds, etc.)
□ Full-length membrane protein, etc. * Fig. 3, poorly expressed proteins are also expressed with high probability
□ Low cost and rapid synthesis of many types of proteins
□ Easy protein co-expression (heterocomplex formation)
□ High reproducibility of expression level, it is possible to secure yield proportional to scale

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