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This service uses the confocal quantitative image cytometer CQ1.

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・ I want to analyze each cell individually, but it takes time to acquire and analyze images with a normal microscope to compare under multiple conditions.
・ The flow cytometer requires a large number of cells for analysis, and the state of cells changes due to exfoliation.
・ Although there seems to be a difference in the state of cells under a microscope, it is difficult to detect the difference by measurement with a plate reader.
・ In order to select useful compounds from many compounds, I would like to make a comparison with multiple parameters.
For that purpose, the test must be performed many times, which requires manpower and time.
・ I want to perform live cell imaging under multiple conditions.
-The acquired image looks different, but I don’t know how to quantify it.

In such a case, how about High-content Analysis using the confocal image cytometer CQ1?

By using CQ1, it is possible to acquire high-quality images by confocal scanning while the cells are still alive.
It can be observed without peeling treatment like analysis by flow cytometer, like spheroid.
It is possible to easily perform 3D analysis of cell aggregates.
It is also possible to perform high-throughput screening and long-term time-lapse analysis using an external incubator.
The image data obtained from one test is subjected to advanced analysis using the analysis software CellPathfinder.
You can extract multiple quantitative data.

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