Correspondence work

Contract synthesis

  • Compound (known / unknown) synthesis
  • Synthetic route search, improvement
  • Scale-up
  • Literature / patent information verification
  • Removal of metal contained in electronic materials 10 ppb or less

Material development

  • Development trend survey
  • Development of polymer alloy technology and composite technology
  • Formulation design / formulation study
  • Sample trial
  • Chemical analysis / physical analysis / physical property evaluation

Contract test flow and experimental items



We would like to ask you about the details of your desired project. Br / In addition to sample synthesis, you can also consult us about improving the synthesis process.

  • Based on what you hear, highly specialized staff will create the best planning proposal.

Construction of expression vector

The best method is used for synthesis.

  • For each project, we will synthesize on a scale of several mg to several kg.
  • The reaction can be applied from a low temperature of -70 ° C to a high temperature of 200 ° C.
  • Synthesis under pressure (using an autoclave) is also possible.

Introduction of expression vector into cells

Purification is performed by silica gel column chromatography and recrystallization.

  • Preparative purification using a medium pressure column is also possible. (Available for reverse phase system)

Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

Purity is determined by HPLC or GC. The structure is confirmed by br / NMR (500 MHz).

  • If necessary, we also check the structure by EI-MS, ESI-MS, and TOF-MS.

Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

We will send you a sample with the analysis data.
We will submit a business report at a later date.

  • We will also hold a business briefing session if necessary.

With Anewex R & D, you can do it!

  • The final target can be synthesized while improving the reaction yield and purity.
  • It is also possible to prioritize the synthesis rate over the yield while maintaining the purity.
  • It is also possible to synthesize a large number of samples by parallel synthesis.
  • If you wish, you can make progress reports and disclose the entire process at any time.
  • In addition, various experiments can be carried out regardless of synthesis as long as the experiments can be handled by our equipment.