Correspondence work

  • Purification of natural products and development of their protocols
  • Food composition analysis
  • Development of affinity column
  • Development of special filters

Contract test flow and experimental items



  • The staff in charge will ask you about your technical issues.
  • If necessary, we will investigate the prior art (patents, original reports).
  • We will propose a study plan.
  • Please order the plan you want.
If you have such information, you will proceed promptly

  • Physical property information of separation and analysis objects
  • Physical property information of impurities
  • Purity evaluation method and target purity
  • Desired weight of refined product (for preparative purposes)
  • Presence or absence of reference information (existing protocol, patent gazette, etc.)

* Of course, you can accept the contract without this information.


Construction of expression vector

We will consider a pretreatment method suitable for the separation and analysis methods.

* Reexamination may be conducted after 03.

  • Extraction, concentration (separation with solvent, precipitation, concentration under reduced pressure)
    (As part of the pretreatment method, we also accept preparation of microbial culture solution and crushed solution.)
  • Filtration, dialysis (dialysis membrane)
  • Carrier separation (mixed resin)


Introduction of expression vector into cells

We will examine the separation and purification method of the target substance by various chromatographies using the following as indicators.

  • Confirmation of separation (separation ability, degree of separation)
  • Confirmation of purity and recovery rate
  • Specific activity (if there is bioactivity)
Separation / analysis system owned by our company

  • Waters Alliance HPLC System
    (Aqueous and organic solvent systems / analysis, semi-sorting, sorting)
  • GE AKTAPrime plus (water system / preparative)
  • Open column (organic solvent system / preparative)
  • Ultrafiltration(Use cartridges made by each company、~ 1L degree)

* We also support separation and analysis systems other than the above. Please contact us.


Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

We can also create a customer-style working standard (SOP).


Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

Separation of purified products or analysis of samples is performed based on the established protocol.

  • It is also possible to deliver the obtained purified products for dialysis and lyophilized products.
  • We also accept analysis and consideration of analysis results.
scale up/routine

Scale-up study / routine analysis

Separation of purified products or analysis of samples is performed based on the established protocol.

With TechnoPro R & D, you can also do this

  • Preparation of new affinity column
    Immobilize functional proteins (enzymes, etc.) on any carrier
  • Examination of protein immobilization conditions
    Various immobilization conditions are optimized using the static or dynamic adsorption amount of the substrate as an index.