Correspondence work

  • Synthesis of various modified peptides
  • Biological activity evaluation
  • Structural function correlation analysis
  • Peptide mimic synthesis study

Peptide synthesis test flow and action items



We would like to ask you about your desired peptide sequence.
You can also consult us about test systems using peptides.

  • Plan the optimal synthesis method from the peptide sequence.
  • If you can discuss the purpose of the test using peptides, we will propose the most suitable peptides and chemical modifications.

If you have such information, you will proceed promptly

  • Amino acid sequence and structure (cyclic peptide, etc.)
  • Presence or absence of chemical modification (N-terminal acylation, etc.)
  • Quantity and purity

Construction of expression vector

The best method is used for synthesis.

  • Although it depends on the amino acid sequence and chain length, both the liquid phase method and the solid phase method are available.
Synthesis method

  • Solid-phase synthesis by Boc method or Fmoc method
  • Liquid phase synthesis based on DCC method or acid anhydride method

Introduction of expression vector into cells

Purification is performed by gel filtration chromatography or reverse phase chromatography.

  • Please feel free to contact us as we can also replace the salt with acetate.

Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

Purity is confirmed by reverse phase HPLC and structure is confirmed by mass spectrometry.
Amino acid analysis can be performed if necessary.


Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

A data sheet on purity and structure is attached along with the synthetic peptide.

With Anewex, this is also possible

  • We also accept consultations on protein labeling methods.
    • Labeling reagents and protocols for protein amino and thiol groups.
    • Calculation of the average number of binding agents to proteins.
  • We can handle the flow from structural function correlation research to structural optimization.
    • By using our drug discovery screenin service and cell bioactivity evaluation service together, we can identify essential amino acids for activity expression by alanine scan and even optimize the structure based on the results.
  • You can consult us about tests related to qualitative and quantitative analysis of peptides and amino acids.
    • We offer a wide range of consultation regarding amino acid and peptide chemistry, such as quantification of specific proteins in cell culture media that do not use antibodies, examination of amino acid purification methods from fermentation media, and determination of disulfide bond ratios.

* We do not guarantee a reliable success.