Anewex (hereinafter referred to as “the Organization”) understands that the careful and proper handling of private information is the social responsibility of the Organization on the premise that it will respect every individual’s rights and personality, and specifies the following policies pertaining to the protection of private information while assuring the protection of personal rights and benefits by requiring its staff to adhere to the said policies.

1. Compliance
The Organization shall comply with laws pertaining to the handling of private information, government policies, and other requirements.

2. Acquiring Private Information
The Organization will properly acquire private and specific private information.

3. Purpose of Use
Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the Organization shall specify the following purpose of use pertaining to private information and use them within the scope of those purposes. Should private information be collected and acquired for purposes beyond this scope, we shall promptly notify all relevant persons or publicly disclose regarding the said purpose of use.

(1) Collection and provision of information relating to our products and services
(2) Business activities associated with the provision of our products and services, or information collected, provided, or other actions taken in the wake of other occurring incidents
(3) Notification or reports to official or government entities
(4) Consideration or response to customer inquiries or notification
(5) Contact between the customer and the Organization and notification or greetings in accordance with social customs
(6) Compilation of statistic data, analysis of anonymously altered information, and alteration of private information for other Organizational use
(7) Judgment for hiring or rejection and relevant notification during the recruiting process
(8) Administrative work related to identity numbers as specified by law, tax withholding, notification of national health, employee’s pension insurance, type 3 persons insured by national health, or employment insurance, creation of payment record for compensation or fees, and other paperwork required by law

4. Security Control Measures
The Organization shall take action to prevent unauthorized access, loss, tampering, and leak and implement proper security control measures while
immediately taking corrective action should any of these troubles occur.

5. Disclosure to Third Parties
The Organization shall not disclose private information to third parties without the revenant person’s prior consent unless otherwise specified by law. Furthermore, specific private information shall not be disclosed to third parties unless otherwise specified by law.

6. Outsourcing
Should the Organization outsource the handling of private and specific private information to a third party, it shall properly supervise the outsourcing entity (including its own outsourcing entities) so that the said information will be managed securely.

7. Training and Monitoring
The Organization shall train and monitor its staff to assure that security control is properly implemented when he or she handles private information.

8. Internal Structure and Continuous Improvements
The Organization shall continue reconsidering its internal structure and activities relating to the protection of private information and implement improvements.

9. Inquiries (disclosure, amendments, suspension of use, and complaints & consultation)
The Organization specifies procedures for disclosure, amendments, suspension of use of private information. We also accept questions, opinions, inquiries, complaints, and consultations relating to the handling of private and specific private information.

For inquiries, contact us below:

Personal Information Protection Management
7-6-1306 Kaminoboricho, Naka-ku,
Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture

For requests regarding disclosure, amendments, suspension of use, etc., please send a written inquiry to the address above with a valid ID.

Date of enactment: April 1st, 2021