Correspondence work

  • Biochemical assay
  • Cell-based assay
  • Target-based assay
  • Various PPI assays
  • Various Enzyme assay
  • Various ELISA

Contract test flow and experimental items



Highly specialized staff will hear about the problems that customers have.
We will consider a solution.

  • Cell assay, enzyme assay, PPI, etc.
  • How to procure proteins and cells used in the assay
  • Request details (activity confirmation, validation, screening)
If you have such information, you will proceed promptly

  • What equipment can be used at your facility
  • What kind of assay system do you want?
  • Are Enzymes and Cells Available or Pre-made?
  • Whether or not preliminary experiments have been conducted, data, etc.
  • Do you have positonic compounds or antibodies?

* Of course, you can accept the contract without this information.


Construction of expression vector

We will propose the optimum assay system based on the information provided by the customer.

  • AlphaScreen、AlphaLISA
  • NanoBiT、NanoBRET
  • Various absorption / fluorescence / luminescence assays

Introduction of expression vector into cells

If you are satisfied with the assay system we have proposed, we will procure reagents and carry out an initial study.

  • Cell production, protein purification, antibody production, peptide synthesis
  • Examination of purchased reagents and materials
  • Activity confirmation (S / N ratio, etc.)

Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

If activity is confirmed in the initial examination, we will optimize the reagents involved in the reaction.

  • Assay using Buffer conditions, optimum concentration of enzymes and substrates, positonic compounds, etc.
  • Measure S / N, S / B, Z’-factor, EC50, IC50, Km, etc.
  • If you wish, we will also carry out differences between plates and lots.

Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

We will perform technology transfer so that the constructed assay system can be carried out at the customer’s facility.

  • We can also carry out small-scale screening. (Providing compounds required)

With TechnoPro R & D, you can do this too!

  • I want to make a protein in E. coli that cannot be soluble and expressed in E. coli!
    (If you do not have a facility such as an animal cell expression system, but want to produce protein yourself)
  • We accept consideration of rewinding conditions from insoluble fractions.