Correspondence work


Evaluation of cell function

  • Cell survival
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell migration
  • Enzyme activity
  • Gene / substance expression (mRNA, protein, lipid, etc.)

Evaluation of the effect of the test substance

  • Cytotoxicity test
  • Whitening test
  • Moisturizing / barrier test
  • Sebum synthesis test
  • Anti-aging test
  • UV sensitivity test
  • Hair growth test

Flow of skin culture cell test and action items



According to the customer’s development purpose, highly specialized staff will hear and consider the test system.

  • Development objectives: ① UV damage protection and recovery
    ② Melanin production promotion / suppression
    ③ Collagen / hyaluronic acid production
    ④ Skin moisturizing / barrier
    ⑤ Hair papilla cell proliferation
    ⑥ Stem / progenitor cell differentiation
    ⑦ Sebum synthesis
  • Specimen properties (solid / liquid, soluble)

If you have such information, you will proceed promptly

  • Information on the desired test (literature, patent, product information)
  • Specimen cytotoxicity data

* Of course, you can accept the contract without this information.

Human epidermal keratinocytes / human fibroblasts


Construction of expression vector

The test method will be decided based on the requested test and sample information.

  • Cells used (or 3D skin model)
  • Incubator, culture period, sample exposure time and concentration, assay method

Introduction of expression vector into cells

The required amount of skin-related cells * 1 (epidermal keratinocytes, fibroblasts, dermal papilla cells, etc.) and 3D skin model * 2 is secured by the test method.

* 1: Secure frozen cells after expansion culture br / * 2: Confirm supply time and confirm arrival time


Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

We will prepare the stock solution of the sample you provided and perform the test on the cells in a rough concentration range to determine the method of this test.

  • Incubator, culture period, assay method
  • Specimen exposure time and maximum addition concentration

Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

We will carry out this test and submit a test report.

With Anewex, we can handle tests using such cells.

  • Cultured cells other than skin-related cells
    Normal cells (vascular endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, kidney, bronchus, lung, mammary gland, prostate, bladder, corneum, blood cell lineage cells, hepatocytes, etc.) and established cells (cancer cells, We also undertake efficacy tests using various immortalized cells, so please feel free to contact us.