Correspondence work

  • Creation of disease model (tumor formation model, NAFLD, NASH, obesity)
  • Histological analysis (paraffin / frozen section preparation, HE staining, immunohistochemistry)
  • Biochemical analysis (ELISA, Western blot, etc.)
  • Molecular biological analysis (real-time RT-PCR, microarray, Northern blot, etc.)
  • Cell biological analysis (flow cytometer, etc.)
  • Generate and culture primary cells / organoids

Flow of Animal experimentation


We wil listen and recommend the solutions for your problems

  • What kind of test do you want to carry out?
  • How much is your budget?
What we want our customers to understand

  • This is a non-GLP test.
  • The animal species used are mainly mice and rats.
  • Please provide information on the activity and stability of the target protein.



Construction of expression vector

We will consider the customer’s wishes and solutions to the problems and formulate a test plan.
It is also possible to carry out your test plan as it is.

  • The test plan will be finalized after a meeting with the customer.

If you have such information, you will proceed promptly

  • Animal species used
  • Test scale
  • Administration method and frequency of administration of test substance

* Please feel free to contact us even if you do not have this information.



Introduction of expression vector into cells

The test will be conducted according to the test plan in the proposal.

  • Making model animals

  • Administration of test substance

  • 採血

  • Behavior observation

  • サンプリング

And so on.

About the test content

  • It is also possible to observe the actual work.
  • We will keep you informed of the progress.

* Depending on the facility used, you may not be able to tour.


Selection of vector-introduced cells (establishment of cells)

Various analyzes are performed using animal test samples.

  • Preparation of tissue specimen
  • Various staining of tissue specimens, immunohistochemistry
  • Analysis by flow cytometer
  • Gene expression analysis by qPCR
  • Protein detection and quantification by ELISA and Western blotting

Expression analysis of transgene in established cells

We will submit a summary report of the test method, test results, and considerations.

  • Primary data can also be passed as electronic data.

Anewex supports you in such experiments and analyzes

  • Tissue specimens are prepared and analyzed, and analysis using a flow side meter
  • Surgery such as partial liver resection, cerebral infarction model, and cell transplantation into the fetus